MN Summer Adventure

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TLUSAMN Summer Adventure

2021-07-25 3:00 pm - 2021-07-31 11:00 am
$325/trailman; $175/adult (full-week); $90/adul (half week)

This is our Fourth Annual Mn Summer Adventure at Camp Nathanael.

This is a fun week for all Navigators and Adventurers.

Registration is now open and registering early will ensure that your trailman is able to participate in the camp activities he wants to pursue (some popular activities fill-up early).

There will be an online pre-camp meeting in early July for all families participating so that you will have any last-minute updates as well as ask questions about the program for this year.

NOTE: Each family must directly register their own trailman (and adult) on the Camp Nathanael web site (using the special link above).

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If you don't sign-up you won't get important updates about camp this year.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Open to any registered trailman who will be entering 6th grade in the fall (up to 18yrs old)
  • Opportunitiy to work on some advancement items (see list of opportuities on our web site)
  • Trailmen get to pick their activities at camp based on how early they sign-up ... so SIGN UP SOON!*
  • Each trailman/parent/adult must register directly with Camp Nathanael using our private link (see below)
  • A 72-hour/high-adventure medical form is REQUIRED of ALL participatns - This form REQUIRES a signature/approval from a MEDICAL OFFICIAL - you can NOT attend camp without it
  • We will have a 'packing tips and other helpful ideas' meeting for everyone heading to camp a few weeks before the camp - so you can make sure you have everything you need
    (remember, this is a week-long camp so you may need other/additional gear than you take on weekend camp outs - AND it's in July, which can be hot).

 * The actual choosing of activities to participate at camp happens AT CAMP on Sunday evening. Trailmen will be called up in the order that they registered and will be able to choose the activity they wish to participate in. So, if you registered in January you will be pretty sure to get into the activity you want. If you wait until June or July to register there is a good chance that the activity/ies that you most want to participate in will already be filled by others. [Although all the activities are good and most of them also give you opportunities to complete advancement requirements for required or elective badges]. Also, these are the 'camp' activities. There will be additiional activities that we do together in large (and small) group/s that are usually tied directly to trail life skills. Because we do those activities together they are not effeted by registration order. So, if you're reading this in July it isn't too late to register AND there will still be plenty of opportunity for learning, advancement, and fun!