TL MN/ND News for October 24, 2020
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About this new update

  • Bi-Weekly Update - near the end of the week
  • Available as podcast and email update
    • Podcasts - on all major podcast outlets; directly on our web site
    • Email Updates - part of the regular weekly Thursday evening update
  • Each Update will Include
    • basic information
    • New Troops information
    • National, Regional and Area news
    • A list of events coming up here and across the region
    • A quick Trail Life Connect tip
    • A quick Troop Tip - program or committee related
    • Some things for you and your troop to be praying for
    • AND we will be expanding in the months ahead to include special news from local troops

New Troops & Interests

  • Welcome to troops
    • MN-1812 at River of Life Church in Hastings
    • MN-2020 at Family Faith Life Center in Rogers
    • MN-1013 at Dell Lutheran Church in Frost
  • New active troop totals: 8 in MN; 2 in ND
  • Pre-charters:
    • Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Church and School - Eagan, MN
    • Cornerstone Church - Fergus Falls
    • Calvary Community Church - St. Cloud
  • New Troop Interests in:
    • Rice, MN
    • Fostton, MN

Important Information

  •  Great Peak 2 - MN-2020 in Rogers October 17
  • Working on a full schedule of Peak 1 and Peak 2 events in the next few months
  • Peak 3 is being planned for next spring - Peak 1 and 2 are prerequsites for Peak 3 (get to Peak 1 and 2)


  • Every Tuesday - TLC Lab, hosted by David Slone, National Technology Coordinator - review technology items and answer you questions about TLC
  • April 16-17, 2021 - TRLC, Wichita KS - watch for details in January
  • Summer Navigator/Adventurer Summer Adventure - End of July (watch for dates and more details next month)

TLC Update

  •  Create custom roles and assign them to leaders in your troop
    • How to create:
      • Log-in as TML
      • Scroll to the bottom of the role list
      • Click the ADD NEW ROLE green button
      • Complete the form and check the box next to any permissions that this new role should have
      • Click the +CREATE button at the bottom
    • Open a user and View their Profile
    • In the Member Tools area click the ADD ROLE and select the role to add to that person
    • You can NOT add a new role to a person whose membership or Youth Protection Training has expired

Program Tip

  • Committee Tip
    •  Indentify an adult (male or female) in your troop to be a Membership Chair and Onboarding Facilitator.
    • Assign them the roles "Membership Chair" and "Onboarding Facilitator" within TLC (these are existing roles)
    • This person works with new families to get them connected to the troop
    • They can help get them registered within TLC and get dads set up as Registered Adults
    • This person can then also get and respond to new troop inquiries using the TLC communication tab

A Trailman Honors God

(prayer topics for this week)

  • Area Team - we need a new NTO - New Troop Organizer - to help us start more troops to meet the growing desire for troops across the area
  • Reduction of the impacts on COVID on our charters and troops - so that we will be able to all have fully functioning troops again


  • If you have prayer requests for your troop please forward them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Find the podcast of this update on your favorite podcast platform and subscribe so you don't miss future episodes
  • Tell other leaders in your troop to listen and subscribe to the podcast
  • Watch for the next update in about two weeks